Overhead Crane Inspections

Overhead Cranes

ACE inspectors have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the field-testing overhead cranes. The inspection process includes a thorough inspection of all structural, mechanical and electrical components as well as a partial proof test to ensure that mechanical and electrical brakes are functioning properly. While performing the inspections all gearboxes are checked for proper fluid levels.  ACE inspectors will operate the crane through all motions to ensure that all safety devices, such as hoist limit switches, are working properly.  Every fourth year, a quadrennial proof test of 125% of the rated capacity will be applied in compliance with a current Cal-OSHA. Once that inspection is completed, a computer-generated report will be created on site with recommendations for repairs.  Cranes that pass the inspection will be issued a certification of compliance the same day.

All inspections are performed in compliance with the applicable ANSI, State and Federal Regulations.

List of Services:

• Visual Inspection
• Operational Check
• Load Testing
• Test Weights
• Fluid Check
• Computer-Generated Onsite Reports
• Repairs

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