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Aerial and Crane Experts, LLC (ACE) / Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA)

We’re proud to announce that on May 6, 2024, ACE became a part of Industrial Inspection & Analysis. We’ll now be able to provide more services to our customers including lift services, crane services, inspection services, engineering services, and lab services with the addition of their 15 offices in North America and China. Read the press release for more information about this exciting news.

ACE/IIA is a full-service inspection company the provides inspections and certifications of material handling equipment and personnel lifts. ACE/IIA has over 40 years of experience performing inspections on numerous types of equipment.

ACE/IIA is a Cal-Osha and Fed-Osha Maritime accredited company and performs all inspections in compliance with the current ASME, State and Federal regulations.
ACE/IIA tests and inspects the following types of equipment:

• Insulated Aerials and Digger Derricks
• Mobile Hydraulic and Conventional Cranes
• Overhead Cranes and Hoist
• Automotive Lifts
• Floating Cranes (State and Maritime)
• Stevedoring Gear (Maritime)
• Below the Hook lifting devices
• Rigging
• Fall Protection Systems

Inspections include the following types of Testing:

• Visual and Operational
• Proof testing
• Dielectric Testing of insulated Utility Equipment and Tree Trimming Trucks
• DOT and BIT Insp.
• Diesel Smoke Testing

We at ACE/IIA pride ourselves on timely response and quick documentation onsite with certs issued onsite for passing equipment.


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