Aerial Lift & Digger Derrick

Aerial Lift and Digger Derrick Inspections

ACE performs quality comprehensive inspections following the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards A92.2, A10.30, Federal and State OSHA regulations and manufactures safety recommendations to provide safe and proper operation. The customer/operator is responsible to check for defects each day prior to operation in accordance with the manufacture’s recommendation. The following tests and inspection shall be performed by trained and authorized personnel:

1) Operating controls and associated mechanisms for conditions interfering with the proper operation.
2) Visual and audible safety devices for malfunction.
3) Hydraulic or pneumatic systems for observable deterioration or excessive leakage.
4) Fiberglass and other insulating components for visual damage or contamination.
5) Missing or illegible operational and instructional markings.
6) Electrical systems of/or related to the aerial device for malfunction, signs of excessive deterioration, dirt and moisture accumulations.
7) Visual inspection of bolts, pins and other fasteners for loose, deformed or missing fasteners and other locking devices.
8) Operators are required to read and keep the ‘Operator/User’ manual in the vehicle at all times.
ACE shall perform the following items for your annual inspection:

  • Complete visual inspection including the under carriage and removing all inspection plates.
  • Complete operational test to insure functionality
  • Load testing to insure stability, Di-Electric testing of insulated fiberglass booms, basket lines and live line tools
  • Magnetic Particle and/or dye penetrant testing of critical welds and castings (Optional)
  • Ultrasonic inspection testing of accessible pins (Optional)

ACE Surveyors/Technicians also carry most of the safety stickers and placards and can replace missing or damaged items at a minimal cost. ACE Surveyors/Technicians have a minimum of ten years’ experience in Non-Destructive Testing, not only in the inspection field, but also in maintenance and repair. Each Surveyor has a laptop computer/printer and shall generate your reports onsite. ACE can also email the reports to a designated person and create a spread sheet listing: vehicle make, unit number, rated capacity, description, next annual due, hydraulic filter number and any other information you may require. ACE also performs DOT inspections (Bit-90 Calif) and the required Opacity/Smoke diesel (Calif) testing at the time of inspection.

Please Call for a quote and a complete list of services.

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